About Us

Frequency 44 is a German-Canadian duo of Andreas Boehm and Matt McLellan founded on a mutual appreciation for electronic music and soundtracks.

In the past decade the collaboration has produced a variety of original songs, remixes, competition entries and provided game soundtracks both for commercial releases and proof of concepts.

Andreas Boehm (aka DarkStar.)

"Music expresses that which can not be said
and on which it is impossible to be silent."

- Victor Hugo

Andreas Boehm is a self-taught composer living in Germany. He has been writing music since the early 90's with a great passion for electronic music and soundtracks, for movies and especially games.

It all began with the minimalistic attempt to compose on a Commodore 64. Over time, PC programs such as FastTracker II, Buzz Machines and MODPlug Tracker provided interesting new ways to produce music. Using modern software, the scope of possibilities has become greater than ever before, which provides options ready to be explored.

Andreas has self-produced a number of privately-released CDs of electronica music, demonstrating the patience, enthusiasm and planning that it takes to get such endeavours done. He is also a founding member of Frequency 44, composing for games as well as other material such as electronic tracks, competitions and remixes.

Matt McLellan (aka Counterpoint)

"There is no such thing as 'good' or 'bad' music.
All you can know is whether or not you can relate to it."

- Dr. Thomas Manshardt

Matt McLellan is a Canadian composer. Music and the process of creating it has always been a strong interest of his. He has been writing music since the 1980's, starting on the piano but later developing an interest in electronic music as the capabilities of home computer audio evolved from simple beeps to full digital recordings.

Matt is the other founding member of Frequency 44, bringing much technical and arranging knowledge to the team. He delights in bouncing ideas off his friend and collaborator Andreas as this often yields unpredictable but much improved results.

Matt has written music for orchestras, ensembles, video games and film/television soundtracks. He was also greatly interested in the Demo Scene and the music produced by "Trackers" throughout the 1990's and composed many original works during that time on an Amiga home computer. More recently he has built his own digital studio and produces music using modern sampled instrument libraries as well as his own recorded sounds. In 2004/2005, Matt released his first commercial album, "Explorer". Since then, he has gone on to compose music for films, games, and performance. He also licenses music through Shockwave-Sound where his "Holiday for Mr. Anderson" piece has been a top seller. Matt continues to dream and write new music, with several new albums in production.